Summer highlights & What do the kids think?

It’s been a great summer.  Here are some highlights:

The view from cricket cottage

Time with A-ma and A-kong

Time with Grandma

Fun with cousins

Nats game!

Celebrating AJ’s 8th birthday with good friends

So.  Tom and I have talked a lot about what we want this website to look like.  And we’re still not exactly sure… but I do know that I want to post updates about our family and our kids as well as our journey towards becoming missionaries in Japan.  I had a blog once.  I had a hard time being consistent with it… especially after I joined facebook.  But I do want to post highlights of our life here…today… because I know that when we get to Japan we will be posting about life there.  And we’re not quite there, yet.

The responses that we’ve had from each of our kids has varied.  Kylie is excited.  Honestly, I’m not positive why…but she has been emailing a friend in Japan for the past four years and I am excited that they will get the chance to meet and spend time together!  Josiah was not excited to start with, but I think that the idea is growing on him.  AJ (along with the other kids) is not excited about leaving our “stray” cat, 2 guinea pigs and “Bagel” her hamster.  Leighton is very adamant that she is not going on an airplane.  And Matthias?  Well, he said this week as we were discussing moving to Japan… “But, Mommy! I thought we were just going to go to Japan to tell them about Jesus and come back home!!”  Eek!  Guess we need to be a lot more specific about what it looks like to go to Japan and tell people about Jesus.

I’m mixed about this transition time.  The whole “already but not yet” feeling is difficult.  Conflicting.  Hard.  I’m excited about going… I’m sad about leaving… the bittersweetness of those two differing emotions is hard to reconcile.  And yet, I am reminded that this world is not my home… that if we are truly being called to this that He will provide.  Provide the funds…provide the support… provide everything we need.  Pray for us to trust Him in this, please.  Pray for our family and our friends to trust Him in this, too.  Thanks so much for checking in!!


One thought on “Summer highlights & What do the kids think?

  1. Reflecting 46 years ago when I left family and friends in Taiwan came over to USA by myself to join your father. It was very hard and difficult but we know God is with us through all circumstance. Who then can separate us from the love of christ? Can trouble it? or persecution or hunger or poverty or danger or death? As the scripture says, we are in danger of death at all time, we are treated like sheep that are going to be slaughtered. No, in all things we are complete victory through him who loved us. For I am certain that nothing will able to separate us from the love of God which is through Christ Jesus our Lord. Roman 8-35-38

    Prayers are with you all.

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