Our Final Sunday at Trinity Fellowship

Sunday, April 28th Tom preached his final sermon as pastor of Trinity Fellowship PCA in Sherwood, Arkansas. This means that we are now full-time in preparation to leave for Japan! This was a bittersweet transition for us, because we love our church and are so grateful for God’s blessing to us through them over the past four years. But at the same time, we recognize this as an essential next step before we can make it to the field.

Over the next two months we will finish packing up our house, downsizing what we own and deciding what will go with us to Japan, the kids will finish the school year, we will continue to visit churches and build our support team, and we will say farewell to many friends that we have made in Arkansas. At the end of June we will move to Virginia and then almost immediately catch a train for New York City. In New York we will participate in MTW’s Cross Cultural Ministry Internship. This lasts one month, after which we will return to Virginia for the duration of our support team building. Our goal is to leave for Japan by January, 2014!

Our Trinity Fellowship family

Our Trinity Fellowship family


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