Spring 2013


Kylie and her bff’s at the talent show


Josiah in his OM cyborg costume

Wow.  I had hoped to be able to keep up with posting pictures of our family and life here in Arkansas as we prepare to leave…..sadly, it has been a bit chaotic with school, church, soccer, piano, OM (Odyssey of the Mind), choir, packing, packing and more packing.

The biggest recent news is the death of my dad, Joseph Wu (Link to Memorial Page) . I flew home last Tuesday evening with the intention of visiting him since he had been in the hospital for two weeks and was not doing well. He died the next afternoon. I’m thankful that I was there…but cannot believe he’s gone. Seeking to celebrate that he is in a better place with no more health problems or suffering…while also missing him here.

So. We have five weeks left in Arkansas! Pray for us as we really start to say our goodbyes. That we would finish well…and that I would trust God with our future.

Thanks for checking in dear friends.


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