It’s been two weeks since we arrived in NYC. Time is flying by with the adjustment of doing life in the city (walking, subways, grocery shopping, etc…), training sessions Monday through Friday, trying to fit some sightseeing in….all in all we are worn out by the end of the day. The time with other MTW missionaries has been wonderful, especially the opportunity for our kids to meet other kids going through the same transitions they are.

We celebrated AJ’s birthday last Sunday here in New York. Hard to believe that she is 9 years old! She’s come a long way from her birthweight of 2 lbs 13 oz.


The kids have grown comfortable with the subway as have we! We have a system of me being the first one in or out and tom being the last. Those first couple of days were definitely stressful!


On AJs birthday she wanted to see the Statue of Liberty so we took the Staten Island ferry to catch a glimpse of her.


We are staying in manhattan on the tenth floor in a 3 bedroom apartment and we are dog sitting for the people we are subletting from. The kids have loved having these dogs around.



Thanks, dear friends, for checking in. Hoping to post more pictures as the month goes on. Please pray for tom and I to have the time to process everything that we are learning and experiencing. Feeling overwhelmed, and blessed!


One thought on “CCMI NYC

  1. what great fun to travel with y’all via great photos! God world is amazing – see yall in it is a gift. biggest colored polkadot #9 for aj ive ever seen! thx for the newsletter with report & requests and link to this website! xo

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